A Glance at the Target Hack Reaffirms Why Hackers Target Startups

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The most famous large-scale digital attack to occur in years happened with the retail giant Target. Target was a victim of a catastrophic that set their stock back millions and cost them billions. Target is still around now, and they have firmly bounced back from the attack which only happened a few years ago. Who is not around anymore is the HVAC company that provided their services to Target. Without becoming buried in technical details, the HVAC company was placed in the credit payroll. The hackers subsequently earned access to the cash registers by uploading malware through the HVAC company and through the credit system that both Target and the HVAC company used. That company is Fazio Mechanical- a comparatively small business. Fazio Mechanical had a whole lot more to lose in the aftermath of the incident compared to target because Target was unlikely to go anywhere. The retail giant has resources and they can bounce back from the threat.

This illuminates something incredible about modern hacking. Target was only hacked because of the vulnerabilities of a small business. That company was successful enough to get a large arrangement with Target, one of the largest retailers in the world. They were then breached and crushed by a hacker that knew the small business would be more vulnerable than the big business. The hacker took out both.

It may seem like a horror movie for some. Thankfully, there are resources. A well-protected business will thwart off many attacks. A hacker knows there are many companies largely unprotected. If they face enough issue, they will move on. It is the lock-door concept. If a neighbor’s door is locked and the house next to it is not, the neighbor does not have to have any other security. The locked door was enough to stop the attack even though, quite frankly, a lock can be breached quite easily.

The hackers target startups because they are grossly more vulnerable compared to their large-scale counterparts. Small business owners can lock their door- and little else- to thwart most attacks. But, to be firmly secure, they need to go above and beyond.