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Kinds of Famous Cigars The cigars add being considered to be the number one pleasure that many would like to smoke. This person who smoke cigars can be able to cherish the cigars in a serious manner. There are many people around the globe who considered cigars as the symbol of indulgence for them to enjoy, as well as this is the time that the people can be able to celebrate or they will close the deal. But for those enjoying the cigar at its fullest, the smoker must also have the knowledge to the different varieties of the cigars. There are local brands of cigars and there are also premium brands that you can choose from where in you can have also variety of alternatives to choose. One that is being tackled in this article is the best cigar brand available right now on different stores around the globe. First on the list is Cuban cigars which is already considered to be the best band in the whole world and the most popular of all cigars brand. Considered to be the very best cigar around the world is the Cuban cigar which is made only by Hands by selecting carefully each of the leaves of the tobacco and this is also considered to win the hearts of all those cigar smokers. This is the reason why the Cuban cigars very expensive compared to other kind of cigars and this can cost up to $20. because of the incomparable satisfaction and taste that the Cuban cigar are able to offer that is why they are strictly made in corporation with the government. Next on the list is the Cohiba cigars which existed already in the year 1966 and only become famous in the year 1969. The tobacco that is being used in order to prepare the Cohiba cigars is being grown in a very proper way to reach the full length wherein it is planted on the selected plantations only on the province called Del Rio. The Cohiba cigars have a different kind of taste and this is being preferred among many smokers also. Finally the Macanudo cigars Which are being introduced by the year 1971 and this type of cigar quickly become the important premium cigars around the world. This type of cigar has a very special wrapper that is blended into the tobacco which is coming from the country of Mexico.

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