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The role that computers play in this era is one that cannot go unnoticed, starting from the office going right into homes. With the need to do things faster and automate some of the activities, the computers play a major role. The rising need for computers has seen to it that the manufacturers to produce in bulk and also increase the models available from which people can choose from. Computers may stop working. A situation either because they are handled poorly or when they are under threat of virus attacks, a situation which leaves the owners reeling from lose as the computers play such an important role. When such inevitable situations occurs, then one need to seek the services of persons who have the technical skills to deal with it.

The skill or discerning the problem with computers and later repairing them is done by IT Specialists and is referred to as IT support. The service is mainly offered by a person with a lot of expertise in the hardware and software components of computers and related peripheral devices. The roles of persons offering IT support ranges from making minor changes in computers to the retrieval of passwords in case the person has forgotten or cannot access a certain web page. They plays great role especially in sitations when a computer just won’t function and they hold important information which they need to retrieve. They are also better placed to offer advice regarding the ways to protect one’s computers from damage.

These computer experts can operate as employees of an organization here they provide their technical expertise. They can also decide to provide these services as their major trade where they have premises where customers find them when in need of their services. Others may decide to use another approach altogether such that they are do not have a fixed premise which allows them to mobile to reach out to the customers. By deceiding to operate in a mobile manner, the IT experts are forced to devise another way that will enable them to be reached by their customers, most of which go by having a website or other online platforms.

The mobile way of carrying out business, however, is gaining popularity, as people want to get as many of their needs met while in the comfort of their houses. This means that upon agreement, then the IT expert can proceed to the customers premise to offer their services. The price that any of these charges for their services is the dependent on the model of the computer, the cost of the spare parts that will be used, and the amount of time used to repair or maintain the computer.

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